Waxing, nails and body treatments

Thermal blanket

Our thermal blanket can activate the metabolism, relax the muscles and increase blood circulation. Through sweating, you lose toxins and fluid retention. Combined with special products we can treat cellulite and help slimming.

Duration: 45 - 60 minutes

Price: from €20

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Waxing for women.jpg


from €3

Full leg

Half leg





Lower back


Upper lip


from €25





Waxing for men.jpg


Medical pedicure

Our medical pedicure is a non-invasive, dry procedure that combines podiatry with nail care. Safe and hygienic, it includes exfoliating with keratolytic lotion, treating hard soles and calluses. After the removal of dead skin, follows the removal of cuticles and the cutting and shaping of toe nails.

Nail polish or soft gel will be applied at the end and we finish with a moisturising oil foot massage.

Duration: 45 - 60 minutes

Price: from €30




Our manicure includes the removal of cuticles, cutting and shaping of nails. Nail polish or soft gel can be applied, or we can simply apply a calcium treatment before finishing with cuticle oil and hand cream.

Duration: 30 - 60 minutes

Price: from €15



We offer day or evening makeup with the professional products of Serge Louis Alvarez (SLA).


We also offer bridal makeup packages. Please contact us with your requirements.

Duration: depends on makeup style

Price: from €30


Permanent makeup

Permanent makeup.jpg

Permanent makeup for eyebrows, eyeliner and lips, using Goldeneye products.

Duration: 60 - 90 minutes

Price: from €150 first session and €100 second session



Electrolysis hair removal is actually the only method approved by the FDA for permanent hair removal. A fine probe is inserted into each hair follicle. This process stops the new hair growing by using direct current and heat. The procedure damages your hair follicles to prevent growth and causes existing hairs to fall out. The use of numbing cream is recommended to make the treatment more comfortable.

Duration: 10 - 30 minutes

Price: from €15

Electrolysis on face.jpg

Medical piercing

Ear and nose piercing.jpg

Our medical ear and nose piercing uses skin-friendly, no-allergy, sterile medical plastic earrings. We use a sterile method for hygienic and safe piercing and the jewellery we use ensures optimal healing. Suitable for children and adults.

Duration: 5 minutes

Price: from €15


Permanent makeup

Rejuvi tattoo remover is a unique method of chemical tattoo removal. The removal solution is introduced via a similar process to tattoo application. Rejuvi tattoo remover has advantages in that it is not colour selective, and acts on all colours equally. Ideal for removing permanent makeup tattooing.

Duration: 30 minutes first session

Price: €120 first session

Future sessions will require less time than the first


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